Work Related Injuries

Lifting Injuries


Almost every job today lists “lifting moderately heavy objects” as a requirement. Even in an office setting, employees are expected to be able to lift and move mail and office supplies. Improper lifting, lifting excessively heavy loads, and repeated lifting can lead to strain and tear injuries. These injuries are so common that many people do not even realize that their injury is related to job duties. If you experience back pain or a strain injury, consider contributing factors from your workplace, and call us to discuss the details.

Injuries can happen anywhere, especially in the workplace. In fact, nearly three million non-fatal injuries were reported as workplace injuries in 2018 alone. If you are injured at work, you have a case. Do not second guess yourself. Understand that the insurance companies will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible. In contrast, the Law Offices Of Meline & Vargas, A.P.C are ready and willing to fight on your behalf.

If you have been injured at work in one of the following ways, then contact us today to discuss the details of your situation.

Fall From Height Injuries Fall injuries are excessively common on construction sites and in warehouses but can really happen everywhere. If you fall from a height at work and sustain an injury, it is likely because safety measures were not properly taken. Environmental factors will be important to your case, so do your best to recall every detail of your accident to build a strong case against the insurance companies.

Hit By Objects

If you work in any type of active workplace like a warehouse, production floor, or mechanic’s garage, you may be at risk of being hit by an object. These accidents can be the result of improper safety protocols, bad communication, or malfunctioning equipment. If you are struck by an object and injured at work, then you deserve to be compensated regardless of the situation surrounding your specific accident.

Machine Injuries

If you work with machinery in your workplace, you are at risk of a machine-related injury. Machine injuries can be devastating and often lead to months of painful rehabilitation. It does not matter if your injury was caused by a machinery malfunction, improper use, poor instruction/communication, or something else. If a machine hurts you at work, then you have a case.

It is common for insurance companies to try to blame the injury on the employee’s careless behavior. Stand up to this manipulative practice and hire the Law Offices Of Meline & Vargas, A.P.C to represent you in your workplace injury case.