Workplace Violence & Attacks

It is important to feel safe at work, but it is also important to understand that the people we work with are a cross-section of the population with all of the good things and bad things that that entails. You are bound to work with someone who is mentally unwell throughout a long career, someone with anger issues, or even someone with violent tendencies. Despite this, your employer is tasked with creating a safe environment. If you are the victim of workplace violence or a workplace attack, then your employer has failed to provide a safe environment for you, and you will be able to pursue legal action against them. 

The Four Categories of Workplace Violence:

Generally speaking, there are four types of workplace violence, as listed below.

  1. Type I – Criminal intent. This type of violence is carried out by someone who has no ties to the business or its employees. This is simply someone meaning to commit a crime and do harm. Criminal intent crimes include robbery, trespassing, and in extreme circumstances, acts of terrorism.
  1. Type II – Customer/Client. This type of violence occurs between someone working at the business and someone interacting with the business. For example, if an ER patient attacks a nurse, that would be considered a Type II violent occurrence.
  2. Type III – Worker on Worker. This is when two employees at the same company engaged in a physical altercation. This can include actual attacks and threats.
  1. Type IV – Personal Relationship. This type of violence occurs between an employee at a business and someone unrelated to work that they have a personal relationship with. For example, if a jealous ex-boyfriend attacks a receptionist while on the clock, would be considered a Type IV offense. In California, employees cannot be discriminated against based on their status as a domestic violence victim. This means that an employer cannot refuse to hire an employee, even if they are a victim of stalking.

Healthcare workers and retail workers are particularly vulnerable to workplace violence, so if you or a loved one works in either of those industries, keep an eye out for strange or alarming behavior, among others.

How We Can Represent You


We will first interview you regarding the details of your violent experience. Once we have determined which type we are dealing with, we will build a case and fight hard for the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.