Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things that we are forced to endure. Losing a loved one in a wrongful and preventable way adds to the emotional toll of the loss. Unfortunately, wrongful deaths do happen in the workplace due to unsafe environments, personnel error, and negligent behavior. Law Offices of Steven A. Meline understands and respects how devastating it is to lose a loved one on the job, which is why we fight so hard to secure extensive compensation for the victims’ survivors. It is the least we can do in order to lessen your burden. 


The Law Offices of Meline & Vargas, A.P.C

What we take into consideration with your wrongful death claim


In our experience as legal professionals, the aggrieved family members do not have the mental or emotional capacity to think about what they will need financially in order to move forward after losing a loved one, which is why we do it for you.

Do not face the loss of a loved one alone. Contact us for help, support, and representation.