Motor Vehicle Accidents

When most people think of car accidents, they think of accidents between personal vehicles, but many people are working on the roads every day. Suppose you are hit involved in a motor vehicle accident while on the job; you will need an attorney who can handle the intersection of personal injury and workplace injury. You are going to need the legal team at the Law Offices Of Meline & Vargas, A.P.C.

Liability in a Workplace Car Accident


In regular car accidents, the first step is determining who is liable or at fault for the accident. This is determined by who was behaving negligently. For example, if someone was driving under the influence of alcohol when they struck your vehicle, then they were behaving negligently and will be considered at fault for your accident. That liability rule does not change if you were working at the time of the accident. If a third party was responsible for your accident while you were on the clock, all that it means is that you will be able to sue that driver while collecting worker’s compensation. 

Worker’s Compensation Claims & Personal Injury Lawsuits

In a Worker’s Compensation (W.C.) claim, there is not compensation for “pain and suffering” as such.  But you should receive all needed medical care free of charge and economic compensation for your time away from work and any Permanent Disability from the W.C. Ins. Co.  However, if you are injured by a third party, someone other than your employer, you have the option of suing the responsible party for pain and suffering and other losses. 

You are limited to economic compensation related to your medical expenses and your time away from work. However, if you are injured by a third party in an accident while working, you have the option of suing the responsible party for pain and suffering. This is a good way to maximize the amount of compensation you receive, considering your accident’s conditions. Our attorneys are experienced in handling these cases and will work hard to secure every bit of damage compensation you deserve.

Both the personal injury process and the worker’s compensation process can be intimidating and confusing, especially when you are attempting to recover from a physical injury. Do not face a workplace car accident alone. Instead, secure strong and experienced legal representatives who can fight hard on your behalf while you focus on healing. Call the Law Offices Of Meline & Vargas, A.P.C today.