Maintaining a safe work environment

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment should be a priority for organizations and companies. Employers have a responsibility for this, and let us tell you, hanging a few posters and doing a drill once a year is not enough.

Employers have responsibilities that they must fulfill by law. These responsibilities include conducting inspections of the work environment regularly providing and checking equipment and tools to ensure proper functioning.

They must notify expected and accepted behaviors. On the other hand, they must notify what the penalties are for breaking the rules and endangering colleagues or even themselves.

Another responsability is to carry out drills and give information and presentations on first aid and other safety measures. You must ensure that the entire work team knows the different emergency procedures to know how to act.

The best tips for a safe environment

Keep the workspace free of chemical and physical hazards. This includes the recommended ways to exert forces, protections necessary to circulate, and safety for machinery. The organization must provide all its workers with appropriate safety training. This training must be provided both for new employees and in a refreshing way for those who are already part of the company.

Creating a safety committee is one of the forms of prevention that works the most. If the entire work team is taken into account and can give their opinion on potential risks, dangers, and doubts in monthly meetings, in a few months, they themselves will be the ones defending the company’s safety. The end goal is to nourish your team with your opinion and help the company comply with the rules.

Receiving responses and interactions from employees is very helpful. It opens the eyes of decision-makers to identify potential dangers. It also allows them to know how employees are doing and helps employees feel valued as part of the company.

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