Do You Need An Attorney?

In a minor work injury, especially one with no loss time from work or permanent disability, one may fortunately secure the needed treatment, get over the “speed bump,” and get on with their life just fine. In more serious specific or repetitive activity work injuries, that may not be the case.

In 2004, the California workers’ compensation system was altered by our governor in Senate Bill 899. That law permanently established an unfair advantage for the insurance companies and employers. It was rammed through Sacramento by our governor, who campaigned on a platform of “reducing workers’ compensation premiums.”

That law was actually completely written by a large national insurance carrier that markets workers’ compensation policies in California. (This same insurance company sponsored the governor’s inaugural ball for over $100,000.) The old workers’ compensation system was, in fact, flawed and did need to be changed. But the governor used an ax where he should have used a scalpel. He made wholesale cuts in benefits to the injured worker and gave unfair control over their provision to the insurance companies and large self-insured employers.

Since the insurance companies wrote the law, securing proper benefits, in the form of payments and treatment in this “post reform era” requires keen understanding of the Labor Code, Administrative Rules (Title Eight) and the extensive case law that interprets them. The goal of every insurance company is not as it should be, “the proper provision of benefits.” Instead, it is their goal “to minimize the expense of every claim.” The insurance companies have their teams of attorneys and adjustors trained to achieve their goal. Who do you have? Without a skilled California workers’ compensation attorney in this highly technical field, injured workers are left as prey in a system skewed to take advantage of them. With over 40 years collectively dedicated to workers’ compensation legal practice, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Steven A. Meline are your solution.