Are you a victim of exposure to toxic materials?

When people think about exposure to toxic materials, they often think of harsh chemicals. However, the reality is that this type of exposure is not limited to laboratories. Several jobs are at risk of exposure to toxic materials. Substances such as ammonia, chlorine, and even asbestos can cause toxic exposure if inhaled directly or in […]

Understanding Liability in a Workplace Car Accident

When people think about vehicle accidents, they think about accidents between private vehicles, but there are many people who are working on the streets daily. If you are involved in a crash while you are working, one thing is certain: you are going to need an attorney who can navigate the fine line between personal […]

Maintaining a safe work environment

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment should be a priority for organizations and companies. Employers have a responsibility for this, and let us tell you, hanging a few posters and doing a drill once a year is not enough. Employers have responsibilities that they must fulfill by law. These responsibilities include conducting inspections of […]

Understanding worker’s compensation claim process in California

Work-related medically consulted injuries totaled 4.26 million in 2021, according to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI). Unfortunate as they are, accidents happen in any workplace. Employees are unaware of their rights in this situation. Employees then fail to understand what steps they need to take to receive a good settlement. If you are […]