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Client Letters

I worked for a company for almost 22 years and when I resig!rom from the company, I encountered symptoms regarding my back and other parts of my body. At first I was skeptical about doing anything about it but I found Steve’s website and set up a consultation to see what options if any I may have since I had not reported any injury to company personnel before my resignation. After my consutation with Steve, he was very understanding and assured me that I had legal rights to go forward with litigation to make sure that I receive proper medical treatment and hopefully some type of monetary compensation to help me get back on my feet. Without Steve’s help, I don’t think I would have received all the medical attention that I did and a very fair settlement that he fought very hard for me to receive. I highly recommend Mr. Steve Meline to anyone looking for a WC attorney. Very nice office personell working for him that are always there to answer any questions you may have. Thanks Steve

I put in online looking for a attorney for help because I had questions.. Mr Sean Vargas replies to me via email and phone quickly.. Sean took the time to explain everything for me and what to expect.. Very professional and curious to my situation.. Sean guided me through the process and did all the work to help me settle my case… Out of 4 attorneys I interviewed Sean was the only one to tell me about benefits I was entitled to before even taking my case… I would highly recommend him … Thanks Sean for helping me get my life back on the right track and recover from a career ending injury…

The help of Steve and Sean was great. The office was united with all correspondence, so anyone we spoke with could get answers. I feel they gave us the best results possible in our case. We would recommend them 100%.
-Linda W

I don’t know how to explain myself on paper or when updating my opinion in a review but all I have to say about Steven Meline and staff are good things. We have never used or needed an Attorney before but fortunately I came across this Christian Business Directory and there it was Steven Meline Attorney At Law with the scripture at the bottom of his page – Acts 2:21 So we took a chance, even though it was a little drive but we just felt that the Lord was talking to us. Maria and staff are the best, always kept us up to date with the case as needed. We also want to thank Sean Vargas, Esq. for assisting Steve with the final closing of the case, great team work. It was a very difficult case but my wife and I are very happy with the outcome. Thank you Jesus! Yes! I would definitely recommend Steven Meline & Sean Vargas for their Attorney services

My friend recommended Mr. Meline to me, after he had a good experience and result with his Workers Compensation case. My case has also been resolved now and I am very satisfied. I found Mr. Meline to be very sincere and I truly believe he had my best interest at heart. He also was very kind and respectful, which really meant a lot to me after going through the worker compensation experience. I highly recommend him.

I called and talk to Sean about my case. I met with him in person and I felt very comfortable. We worked hard for me and kept we updated on the case. I was happy with my eventual settlement and Sean was great. I would recommend him for anyone with a workers comp case. If you want someone that will work for you and get you the best settlement Sean is the man.
-Arthur J.

A message from Steven Meline:
“I am humbled and grateful for the kind words of my clients. California does not provide a fair system for the injured worker. There is much I can not change in the system. However, I will do everything I can to secure the best result possible in your case.”
-Steven A. Meline Esq.

“After speaking with several different attorneys I contacted Mr. Meline and immediately recognized he understood the seriousness of my circumstances and was concerned about my needs. He proceeded to successfully secure all the treatment I needed and secure a very good settlement in not one but two successive injuries and cases. He first effectively handled my neck injury which involved herniated disks and then a serious knee injury. He also protected me from an abusive reaction from my employer. I was subsequently able to retire. Mr. Meline did a wonderful job and I remain very grateful and would recommend him to anyone.”
-James B.

“The doctors wanted to do a radical surgery. They wanted to cut our a section of a bone in my wrists and then reconnect the bones with a plate and five screws. I was terrified! I just wanted the pain to stop. I decided to have the surgery. But then my employer decided to deny my claim. That is when I realized I needed help.

I contacted the Law Offices of Steven A Meline. I still had not decided if I should hire an attorney, but I would at least listen to what he had to say. I was concerned about my job and their reaction to me if I hired a lawyer. Furthermore, I am a Christian, I knew there are scriptures about suing others, and I was hesitant. But when Steve called, my mind was put at ease. He listened intently as I went on, and on, and on, about all the details of my injury and treatment. He was patient and compassionate. He showed me how the scriptures regarding bringing lawsuits were not applicable in the context filing an application for my work injury, but related to Christians suing other Christians. He reminded me that the laws were there to protect workers and that I was entitled to the treatment I needed.

Steve fought hard for me. He got me the surgery, the treatments, medicines, rehabilitation, and benefits I needed and deserved. Because of my injury I was unable to go back to my old job but I used my rehabilitation benefits to go back to college. Steven Meline was such an effective advocate that it sparked a desire in me to serve other through the field of law. I completed my education and now I am an attorney too!”
-Kerriel Bailey, Esq.

“From our first meeting, Mr. Meline was professional, knowledgeable and thoroughly concerned about my situation. I was neither made to fell apprehensive or intimidated by him. Nor was there a lot of legal jargon. He allowed me active participation and decision making following his legal explanations before, during and after any of my hearings. Mr. Meline’s mannerism and interaction was quite reassuring for me. He or his staff were always available for my questions, concerns, and any hearing briefings. I sensed a good work ethics and respect demonstrated between him and the other attorneys, even when they had opposing views of a case.

Without Attorney Meline’s expertise, professional guidance and friendly personality, I don’t believe I would have regained financial stability, renewed physical ability, and a friend for life.”
-Sharon Y.

“I wanted to express my gratitude for, not only the legal expertise in handling my workers compensation case, but diligence and timeliness at a very difficult time.

As you know these types of cases are always up for scrutiny and dismissal by the opposing parties. It was Mr. Meline’s profound dedication for upholding the law, and mastering the unpleasant task of presenting the facts that gave us a favorable determination. I shall forever be thankful for the high level of professionalism that was shown in my case.I hope his subsequent clients recognize, and appreciate the excellent attorney they have working on their behalf. My best wishes to you and your future field.”
-Carol D.

“This is my recommendation for the Law Offices of Steven A. Meline. Mr. Meline handled a workers compensation claim on my behalf due to my lack of understanding of this process. Mr. Meline always made himself available to me to answer any questions or concerns that I had throughout this complete process. He was very patient and understanding during this claim as I had many questions and concerns.

I was completely satisfied with the final results on my case. I have, and will continue, to recommended Mr. Meline to my friends and family as the opportunity arises. I not only appreciate Mr. Meline professional relationship but I also consider him a friend.”
-Curtis M. Patton

“‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem sufficient for the work Mr. Meline, did in handling my work injury case. Even though extremely busy, he always personally addressed each demand/requirement in a most timely, well-prepared, professional manner.Without his guidance, I never would have been able to navigate the maze of our complex injured workers’ compensation system, especially the issues of long-term disability, reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses and the many appearances before the board. It was a long process but it was always comforting to know that he personally would be present, always representing my best interest, at each and every hearing. Again, than you very much Mr. Meline.”
-Stephen K.

Attorney Letters

“I have known Mr. Meline in his professional capacity as an attorney dedicated to Workers’ Compensation since the year 2000. I have personally referred a number of clients to his offices who have a Workers’ Compensation component to their third-party claim. Even though the benefits currently available through Workers’ Compensation in its present state seldom overjoy the injured worker each and every one of the clients referred to Mr. Meline report that he is courteous, caring, prompt in returning phone calls ( a rarity), highly professional and effective in the successful handling of their cases. I know of no other attorneys who I have referred cases of whom I could say the same.

In my personal dealings with Steve he is honest to a fault, kind and caring. If, God forbid, I would need the services of a Workers’ Compensation attorney, I would call Stave, and nobody else.”
-Gary L. Gebler, Esq., Berglund & Johnson

“Our office handles primarily immigration law issues. It is frequent that our clients, who are often involved in arduous work, sustain industrial injuries. Since becoming familiar with Mr. Meline 13 years ago we have intrusted him with the legal care and representation of our clients who become injured workers. Over that time span we have consistently been pleased and satisfied with his work and its outcome on behalf of our clients. Mr. Meline has been faithful to consistently remit a generous referral/association fee to our office. Once the referral is made, we just don’t have to worry about the outcome.”
-Miguel Orosco, Law Office of James Roche

“I have experienced constant excellent service and professional representation from Mr. Meline and his staff. This is also extended to those injured workers I have referred to his office. In addition, Mr. Meline constantly takes the time to answer my own questions on workers compensation issues. His knowledge and competence is highly appreciated. Rest assured, I will continue to highly recommend all those looking for answers dealing with the world of workers compensation.”
-Gregory E. Deetman, Esq.

“Allow me to express gratitude for the excellent work and excellent results Mr. Meline has achieved for the clients I have refer for workers compensation representation. Those clients have had nothing but praise for the representation and the results which exceeded their representation.

As a lawyer 36 years myself I especially want to thank Mr. Meline for his representation of my wife, who had a particularly complex case which straddled the reform law. He expertly navigated the waters of pre or post reform law and got my wife a settlement she still cannot believe, all while telling the complete truth and exaggerating nothing.To me Mr. Meline is what lawyers are supposed to be. Today, unfortunately, there are very few lawyers I can speak of in those terms. I look forward to continuing to refer clients and I am sure he will provide the same treatment he has given all my referrals to date.”
-H. Victor Conde, Esq.

“Thank you for all you did for Larry…. He has been a friend of mine for over thirty years. When he needed an excellent workers compensation attorney, I have no doubt, I sent him to the right attorney. Thanks again!”
-Robert R. Anderson, Esq.

“I have interacted with Steven A. Meline professionally over several years. I know him to be a dedicated practitioner in his chosen field of Workers’ Compensation. Within my own professional focus, disability discrimination and accommodation issues, I see many people who experience discrimination because of a work related injury. The filed of workers’ compensation is a separate, complex practice requiring specific expertise. Often my [employee] clients have both a discrimination and a workers’ compensation claim. I turn to the expertise of Steven Meline because I know he has a grasp of the law, many years of solid experience, is an lawyer of exceptional integrity and cares for his clients.”
-Frank Pray, Esq.

Attorney Referrals


Steven A. Meline welcomes referrals from other lawyers and pays referral fees to referring attorneys in compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct of the California State Bar. He considers a client referral the highest compliment one lawyer can pay to another.

Mr. Meline has a proven record of achieving outstanding results for his clients in workers’ compensation cases.Steven Meline is well-respected in the legal community. Many of his cases are referred to him by other attorneys who do not handle workers’ compensation cases.

“I can unequivocally endorse the services of Mr. Meline. I havd known him professionally for over fourteen years and have repeatedly entrusted my clients into his care with complete confidence in his results. Mr. Meline has always been faithful to a fault with regard to referral fees and one of the files I referred him yielded a seven digit settlement. I consider Mr. Meline to be at the very top of is profession and strongly recommend him to both applicant and referring counsel.”
-Edwin M. Riddle, Esq.

Mr. Meline is dedicated to workers’ compensation cases exclusively. This dedication allows him to focus all of his knowledge, skill and resources on achieving maximum results for his work-related injury clients.Referral fees are calculated as a percentage of the fee earned by this office. The referral fee percentage is negotiable. The referral fee agreement does not increase the fee owed by the client. Rather, it is simply an agreement among referring counsel and Mr. Meline to allocate the fee that the client agrees to pay this office.Each potential referral is promptly considered by Steven Meline on a case by case basis.

If you have a client or case you would like to refer to Mr. Meline’s office, please contact Steven A. Meline.

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